Amanda Truth Project

Shaken Baby Syndrome: Potential Pandemic Medical Misdiagnosis - We educate communities about this potential pediatric misdiagnosis and help families, their lawyers and medical experts find the TRUTH.

Additional Resources

Attorney Drew Thompson -

Available for consulting with your out-of-state attorney, or hire him directly for custody case.
(also domestic violence, battery, or other related issues)
"No case where DCF was successful against our client."
Mention The Amanda Truth Project for discount in price!


Protecting Innocent Families has formally incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit

The latest board consists of President Sue Luttner, Treasurer Lisa Munger, Secretary Tonya Sadowsky, Nancy O'Geary Smith, Kristen Maanum, and Dr. Bergina Brickhouse. 


"Ohana Forever" -

Legal Nurse Consultant available for hire for custody cases or consulting on criminal cases.
Find this organization on Facebook -
the group
"Like" their page on Facebook - Ohana Forever: CPS, SBS, MSbP Defense

Heather Toomey -

Ms. Toomey wrote a book "When Truth No Longer Matters."  Her book describes the journey she and her husband went through to regain custody of their two boys when a false accusation sent them reeling.  Ms. Toomey is a great resource for those in the U.K.
Link to her website and to order the book: 
"When Truth No Longer Matters" 

Christiane Joy Allison -

Ms. Allison wrote a book "Why Can't Uncle Come Home: A story for children struggling with the wrongful conviction of a loved one."  It's a fantastic response to a previously unanswered need to help young children understand what this means for the family.  Ms. Allison is a great resource for those in the U.S. and she currently resides in Alaska.  Link to Amazon where the book is available:  "Why Can't Uncle Come Home?"

Lorina Troy -

Ms. Troy wrote a book "Miracles of Faith:  Our Child Was Misdiagnosed It Greatly Affected Our Lives."   This journey to find their child's correct diagnosis is inspiring.  Ms. Troy is a great resource for those out of the U.S. and she currently resides in Texas.  Link to Amazon where the book is available:  "Miracles of Faith"


On SBS Blog and Website -

Sue Luttner has been writing for years
 since she first discovered that families were being falsely accused.
She has journalized many families' journeys through these wrongful accusations.
See her website:  On SBS

Medical and Legal Forums -

There is a wealth of information on this site under the Forums on this site.


"Seven Steps to Becoming Employed" by Mark Drevno 
Mark also runs a charity called "Jails to Jobs" - offers help finding employment.

A free 67-page guide called STEP AHEAD Workbook produced with funding from the MN Department of Corrections and is sponsored by MN State Colleges and Universities.

Dick Gaither is the head of Job Search Training Systems out of IN.  He has an Ex-Offender Training Packet available if you email him.  


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