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Elwood studied commercial art before going to NY to study culinary.

For this one, he did a series of 5 commemorating the anniversary of Amanda's birthday, in 2009.  I've always been rather amazed at how he captured that je ne sais quoi in her eyes that is so "her".



* If you are interested in becoming an art donor for Elwood, please contact us at

 Elwood found out that he has to receive art supplies so many times per year (approximately every 3 months) or he's removed from the Art Program at the prison.  (sigh!)  So please let us know if anyone is interested now and again in donating art supplies by ordering through the Dick Blic catalog and having the order mailed directly to the prison from the supplier (it gets opened and audited for acceptance before being given to Elwood).  Donors have been granted permission to order through Dick Blic(sp?) catalogs, but only certain items are permitted to be sent, otherwise it's considered contraband.  So please check first, but let me know if it's a surprise.  If you are interested in remaining anonymous as a donor, I'm sure there are ways Dick Blic can work with you to keep your name off the packaging.

He would appreciate it I know.  And as you can see he really does have a raw talent! 



Update 2017


Elwood took my request for sailboats and added his own lighthouse with texture. 


An art donor's neighbor's cat done in pen & ink, water color and acrylic.

These were commissioned pieces (one sitting on top of the other).


Update 2016


His first commission was a request for an Eiffel Tower similar to the one he did for the donor back in June.

Christmas present for my family

Another Thomas Kinkade interpretation.


A fishing boat

Hawaii was an inspiration in his latest pen and ink.

His interpretation of a young John Wayne

As the signs of autumn are more prevalent, Elwood used this as his muse to design these two leaves.

One of Elwood's latest donors received this with his gratitude for the art supplies.


His interpretation of a Thomas Kinkade oil painting, done in airbrush and acrylic.

Another Eiffel Tower.


Golden Gate bridge at night, done in airbrush.


An interpretation of the Incredible Hulk was given to the visiting pastor.


He says he's disappointed because the vermillion (red) turned out more orange.

RIP Muhammad Ali 1942-2016

To thank his art donor, he fashioned an interpretation of the Eiffel Tower for her since she enjoyed a trip to France, last autumn.

He knows I like Marilyn Monroe. Although he realizes he's no Andy Warhol, he made this for me.


Elwood wanted to draw what he knows and did some interpretations on his days spent in Alaska as a child.  The fox, trees, and bear are matted.


An art donor sponsored his return to airbrushing.  This is a 20x16 on canvas, with plastic covering it.

And this one sent to the pastor.

Update 2015


Elwood airbrushed a T-shirt of Punky.


Elwood airbrushed this T-shirt for an art donor who loves "Hello Kitty."



Update 2012

Experimenting with manga.

Update 2011

Here is Elwood's latest drawing, right around Christmas last year (hence the theme):




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MAY:  Elwood has been working with the air brushing medium and sent me this in May 2011.

JUNE:  This is something he made as a house-warming gift for me (just a new apartment, not actually a house, but the idea is the same).  It's the Kanji for the word "love" in Japanese.  He and his sister are half Japanese; their mother born and raised in Japan. 

This arrived on Saturday and the use of shadows and shading makes this seem so much more inspired than some of the other items he's shown me previously.  I'm so impressed with how his talent is developing.  This picture does not do the colors justice.

JULY:  It seems he is keeping himself busy!  Here are three more of his most recent paintings.

"Wisdom" in Kanji.

A Pandabear with special meaning to us.

Update 2010

Elwood has gotten into Japanese anime given his ancestral background and interest in drawing so I suggested he create a manga picture of our beloved Punky.  So he did - a surprise me for my birthday. 

He calls this "Manga Punky".






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