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Is “Shaken Baby Syndrome” The Malignant Peak of a “Benign Hydrocephalus of Infancy” Iceberg?

This paper discusses the statistics of boy versus girl infants being shaken, roughly 2:1 and how this mimics the male dominance ratio of infants who develop pyloric stenosis, which suggests a comparison might be made. The paper is published in a peer-reviewed journal called Trauma & Treatment. He draws attention to the fact that Pyloric Stenosis produces violent (projectile) vomiting, involving maximal abdominal muscle contraction. All abdominal organs (liver, spleen etc) are subject to this pressure and the high venous pressure produced can potentially break through past the jugular vein valves. The resulting cerebral venous hypertension would then produce the damage at presently attributed to Shaken Baby Syndrome.

His follow-up article on the possible explanation for why males are more likely to develop pyloric stenosis is almost ready for publication, which I will be sure to post.

Also: his 2011 article "Pyloric Stenosis as Cause of a Venous Hypertensive Syndrome Mimicing True Shaken Baby Syndrome"

original cite (apparently that link isn't working:

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