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Lawsuit Filed In Thrown-Out Worcester Confession

By David Boeri December 4, 2012


"BOSTON — A 21-year-old woman is suing the city of Worcester after she spent almost three years in jail before being freed on a charge of murdering her toddler son."

Truong was released from jail after the prosecution acknowledged it had no evidence of a crime other than her so-called confession. The autopsy had no cause of death stated and the police had no other evidence. One detective told her: “Somebody hurt that baby, and we need to know who it was, and we’re going to find out who it was — either the hard way or the easy way."

Truong was 16 in 2008 - legally a juvenile. "The interrogation video shows that the detectives told Truong they could help her and her brothers get away from her dysfunctional mother and into good homes if she 'admitted what she did.'"

Hear the interrogation:

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