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Malnutrition, Liver Dysfunction, Subdural and Retinal Haemorrhages and Encephalopathy in Children Resulting from a Deficiency or Abnormality of Vitamins C, D and K is a paper Dr. Michael Innis just published in Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine.

He outlines 3 cases with an ALTE and which were automatically suspected as SBS cases as a result of the injuries that were present. He even highlights a Dublin case where the coroner refused to conclude shaken baby syndrome because "there is no evidence of cerebral trauma or 'Shaken Baby Syndrome' despite the radiological and clinical findings..." That took courage to go against the opinions of the specialists involved.

Dr. Innis presents a compelling evidenciary article to suggest that there are other reasons for these injuries, not necessarily a caretaker or parent shaking the baby and without differential testing for nutritional deficiencies being excluded, this is an unsafe diagnosis.

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