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Rickets is caused by Vitamin D deficiency and was thought to have been erradicated after World War II according to this article. It's made its comeback in a very major way. This young couple had a baby boy who died from injuries related to rickets, but presented with multiple fractures. They were accused of child abuse and murder. They were denied to even sit vigil at their son's bed when he died because authorities were so sure that they'd done unspeakable acts to their son to cause his death.

The only way to stop this is to keep educating. I encourage you to read this short news story. The best quote from this, in my opinion:

"As Jenny Wiltshire said: ‘The real criminality here is that if the money spent on bringing this case had been used to tell all breastfeeding mothers to take vitamin D supplements, Jayden’s death wouldn’t have occurred.

"‘Rickets, which is now back to epidemic proportions, would have been wiped out.'"

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