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This is a mother who almost lost her daughter at 5 weeks. Her daughter survived, but this mother and her family were accused of child abuse even after 8 doctors proved it was rickets. She lost custody and gets to see her daughter twice per month. She is still in the process of appeals so I can't publicize her name right now.

She started campaigning for mandatory testing in hospitals and well-baby visits. The differential testing she is asking for is along the same lines that I am asking for too. I wish her well with her efforts.

She recently spoke in front of her State Court Subcommittee about her experiences and what she's trying to get changed in the standard of care at hospitals.

Subcommittee hearing in New Hampshire:

Look under "September 27, 2011 Subcommittee Work Session on Children, Youth and Families: Prevention Programs" and fast forward to around 2 hours and 3 minutes to hear her presentation.

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