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A case study where an 11-month old girl fell backward and hit her head on a carpeted wooden floor.  Upon hospital admission a CT revealed a subdural hematoma and after surgery retinal hemorrhages were noted.  Authorities were initially contacted against these parents for child abuse - multiple episodes of it as well.  In the initial blood tests, coagulation was found to be normal limits.  The hospital followed up with additional testing and coagulation was not found to be within normal range.  Mild von Willebrand was discovered that second screening.

The authors conclude that [1] metabolic and coagulation disorders must be considered along with findings of suspected abuse, and [2] "repeated laboratory testing may be necessary in order to reveal minor coagulation disorders such as von Willebrand disease Type 1."

Had that hospital not gone back and checked a second time, this would have been taken to the courts.




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