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Beitr Gerichtl Med. 1989;47:441-6.


[Craniocerebral trauma in a newborn infant--precipitous labor or a fall after birth]

[Article in German]


Albrecht U, Dirnhofer R, Hochmeister M.


The autopsy of a newborn child that was found wrapped up in a plastic bag revealed a biparietal fracture of the skull. Only after knowing all circumstances it was possible to explain the origin of this fracture. A plausible reconstruction was possible after the inspection of the scene, the autopsy and by taking into consideration the statement of the mother. Thus it is could be decided that the death of the newborn child occurred by an accident while an infanticide, birth injury or labor precipitate causing the fracture was excluded.


PMID: 2818516 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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