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This is the news story that actually prompted my research. It came not even 1 week to 1.5 weeks after my husband took a plea after being told there was absolutely NO WAY a baby can get a skull fracture from one short fall.


I saw on the TV the little girl in Northeast Ohio who received a skull fracture from her short fall and then I did a little research and found out this was nationwide.


Please read:


"Dylan landed head first on the hard kitchen floor. He was rushed to the hospital with a cracked skull and it was filling with blood."


- or -


"But Dylan isn't the only baby who got hurt in a Bumbo. Our investigation found more problems. KSN TV in Kansas reported that a baby was in a Bumbo when he arched his back and tumbled head-first off a countertop, cracking his skull."


If it's possible for these babies, then it's possible for ALL babies.

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Unfortunately, these seats were not recalled for long.  They were put back on the market with a warning not to use them on elevated surfaces.  Two more babies suffered skull fractures when their seats had been placed on the floor!

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It's a blame game used in order to identify a bad guy.

Seat makers blame inadequate parental supervision.

Parents leave their kids in high chairs, in car seats, playpens, and in ALL these situations accidents happen with devastating results.

An accident where there no one is at fault is an unsatisfying conclusion. 

The common thread in the research efforts by experts such as those from the EBMSI conference is to put SEVERAL explanations  side by side to show the folly of creating conclusive labels using unscientifically sound sources of evidence.

The common thread for accusers trying to convince others of their position is to limit the context of the circumstances so only the conclusion that they want you to agree with is used to make a decision. Evil.

Only then, (when, as Zachery Bravos put it, ALL the information is known, organized and presented correctly) can you show how dangerous it is to come to a conclusion based on a too little information that has great consequences for the accused.

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