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"In November, 1999, a Bangladeshi boy aged 8 months was admitted to hospital with a linear parietal fracture. The mother had noticed a haematoma on the right side of his head and had consulted her general practitioner who arranged a skull radiograph. There were no retinal haemorrhages or other injuries. A skeletal survey was normal.


"The parents were unable to provide an explanation for the injury. They were adamant that the boy had not fallen or been dropped."


Important to note in this case study is this:


"There is evidence that shows that on impact the momentum resulting from short falls can cause skull fracture. Still-born babies allowed to fall 41 cm head down onto a paved surface sustained skull  fractures."1


1.   Taylor AS. Medical jurisprudence. Philadelphia: Blanchard and Lee, 1856.


Another noteworthy item:


"The report also highlights the plight of some innocent families that arises from our desire to protect  children."  5


5.   Bernard PA, Johnston C, Curtiss SE, King WD. Toppled television sets cause significant pediatric morbidity and mortality Paediatrics 1998; 102: e32.



Ivan Blumenthal

Department of Paediatrics, UK

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Not only do short falls cause skull fractures, but another toddler throwing a toy managed to create one in this case study.

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