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“That the Shaken Baby Syndrome is based on a false subarachnoid model and is therefore invalid"

author:  D.G. Talbert, Ph.D.

"he subarachnoid space is not empty as it seems on ultrasound machines, it is full of a “cobweb” of trabeculae stitching the arachnoid mater to the brain cortex but individually too thin to be detected by ultrasound.

"Individually they are feeble, but as they seem to be spaced about 1mm apart they have a density of about 1 million per square meter. While there seems to have previously been no attempts to calculate the restraining power of this cobweb its widespread presence suggests it results from an evolutionary pressure to prevent the relative movement between brain and skull that is fundamental to the Shaken Baby Hypothesis."

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An argument I've never heard before, but I like it.  The opinion that thin-film subdurals result from burst bridging veins is receiving a lot of criticism from other sources, as well—the primary point is that you would expect more blood from a burst bridging vein than is ususally found in these cases. 

Thank you for spreading the word about this work.

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