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Children Protective Services

Posted on September 22, 2009 at 6:25 PM

I was watching Headline News on CNN this morning and heard a disturbing, but all too familiar, story about children protective services.  It was on the Morning Express segment.


By now you might have heard of Peoria, IL couple suing a local WalMart and the state over the incident involving naked photos of their three daughters in the bath tub.  They were accused of sexual abuse and the children were forcibly taken from them when WalMart techs contacted the police and turned over the "evidence" of these naked photographs.


Without any question or investigation, CPS takes the children away, not allowing the parents and children to even see each other for several days.  They didn't regain custody for an entire month while they tried to clear their reputations and prove they would never do this to their children.


Interestingly, the comments have been supportive for this on news blogs such as:

I'm betting when the story first broke it wasn't so kind.  I cannot imagine what this couple went through as they are citing "economic losses" as part of their complaint.


This is by far the only story.  I could probably make a category solely to CPS filled with horrible stories like this.  No questions asked, your children are taken away from you.


Know that if I'd had any other children they would have been taken from me on June 29, 2007.  They probably would be held hostage, as in most cases, until I agreed to testify against Elwood. 


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