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Shaken Baby Syndrome: Potential Pandemic Medical Misdiagnosis - We educate communities about this potential pediatric misdiagnosis and help families, their lawyers and medical experts find the TRUTH.


Who we are...

Founded in 2009, the Amanda Truth Project strives to educate communities about the potential for misdiagnoses of child abuse, to restore families and facilitate access to suitable medical experts for attorneys. Our goal is to focus our services on the following: families in crisis where CPS has removed a child from the home or custody rights were temporarily restricted; those accused falsely of inflicting abusive head trauma or other related child abuses with criminal charges; the wrongfully convicted of same with the objective doctors will perform differential testing before issuing a medical opinion of child abuse thereby ensuring pediatric patients won’t receive inadequate prevention or treatment while the real cause of injuries is determined; and ensuring access to providers of community assistance for recently released inmates.  The Amanda Truth Project is a not-for-profit endeavor supported by donations from families and friends.

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The ATP Board of Directors:


 Tonya Sadowsky
 Director and Freelance Paralegal -

 Tonya lives in Ohio and is passionate about her advocacy for families who have been falsely accused of Shaken Baby Syndrome or Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. In addition to her conference speaking and writing engagements, Tonya authored and manages The Amanda Truth Project website, which is named after her own daughter who died in 2007. She changed colleges and switched her major to paralegal studies to ensure further learning. She graduated cum laude in 2012. 


 Lisa Knowlton, Director
 and Correspondent, Canada Territory -

 Lisa is a successful entrepreneur living in Ontario, Canada. She owns an organic Garden Center and greenhouse called "Grassroot Gardens" and has been active with the Amanda Truth Project since its start. Lisa monitors the Canadian email and is experienced with child protection matters.  











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